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Wellbeing & Life Balance

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LawCare Counselling is a counselling service available to legal practitioners (or their immediate family members) who are members of the Law Society of South Australia to help them deal with personal problems.

General practitioner, Dr Jill is available to discuss any personal problem currently affecting your work performance, or threatens to do so in the future. Problems may include anxiety or stress related conditions, alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling addiction, a family or marriage crisis, or career problems.


The service is confidential and participation is voluntary. The Law Society subsidises the costs.

To find out more, visit the Law Society of South Australia web site under Services for Members.

Lawyers' Support Group.

The Group is made up of experienced lawyers willing to assist colleagues with a wide range of personal and professional problems, including matters such as:-

  • General professional problems
  • Personal problems
  • Professional standards/conduct issues
  • Legal practice/business advice
  • Legal cost matters
  • Relationship with the Courts

To access this service click here or alternatively telephone Mary Walters, the LawCare Coordinator for further information.
Tel: (08) 8110 5263

General Health

ABC Health & Wellbeing

Information for the public on healthy living, medical conditions and medical news.

Healthy Insite

A wide range of up-to-date and quality assessed information on important health topics such as diabetes, cancer, mental health and asthma.

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Life Balance

Lawyers are notorious for working long and hard and making sacrifices for the sake of their practice. For lawyers, this is one of life's double-edged swords. For insight and hints to help lawyers balance the incessant pulls of both work and daily life:

Wellbeing and work life balance

Mental Health

Your mental health is important. If you suspect you may be suffering from a mental health disorder, don't delay, seek help.

  • For general information and details on where to get help, go to Beyond Blue where you can check signs and symptoms and get information to help yourself or others.
  • Business in Mind is a free DVD and Resource Kit designed to help you look after your own mental health and wellbeing, and that of your employees.
  • Work related stress can affect your mental health significantly. Further information and self help techniques to reduce your stress.

Topics of Interest


Find a healthy recipe for dinner.

Have a look at what the CSIRO Health and Wellbeing has to say about diet and nutrition.

Exercise Guide

Need to get moving but not sure which sport to choose? Have a look at the ABCs website for inspiration

You can also check out ABCs website to see whether you are in the healthy weight range.

Financial Wellbeing

See our Practice Management - Finance page.


View and update your Medicare details online.

Do you have to pay the Medicare levy? Find out using the ATO's calculator.

Mistakes & Complaints

See our Practice Management - Risk and Ethics pages.

Organ Donor

Register to become an organ donor, but remember to speak to your family about your decision as they will have the ultimate say.

Private Health Insurance allows you to compare private health care insurance and find a policy that suits you and your family.

Women In The Workplace

The Better Health Channel has a fact sheet addressing issues facing working women.

Computer Tan

For those who are time poor but still yearn for a nice tanned appearance, try Computer Tan

South Australia 3 Wellbeing and work life balance

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All articles from Canadian Bar Association unless noted otherwise.

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