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On this page

Foolkit Intranet

Foolkit has online solutions for Law Firms of all sizes.

Foolkit web site gives you the best package of information and tools that is freely available on the Internet. We manage this for you by keeping it up-to-date and adding new content as it becomes available.

But what about the information within your own firm? Is it shared among your staff? Is it easily accessible? Is it up to date?

South Australia Pages catering for the general public.

Whether you are a big firm with it own IT department or whether you are a small firm with limited IT resources, Foolkit offers tools and Intranet solutions that can improve your current Intranet, help you create a basic Intranet from scratch or simply boost your firm's resources and improve access to up-to-date information you need every day.

Help Us Improve

Please give us feedback about your experiences using Foolkit and ideas for improvements.


Integrating with Foolkit

Firms with existing Intranet still have several options for closer integration with Foolkit, which will give you the best of both worlds - instant access to your private pages combined with the external resources of the Foolkit web site.

We have more links than most other Intranets and we already devote considerable resources to keeping them up-to-date.

To begin with, we offer you the choice of two easy to integrate widgets:

  • Foolkit Menu Bar - menu visible at all times
  • Foolkit Button - popup menu

Foolkit Widgets

All you need to do is cut & paste a snippet of code into your web page and we do the rest. To read more about the widgets and for detailed integration instructions go to our Foolkit Widgets page.

South Australia 3 add Foolkit to your law firm intranet

Beta Program

Foolkit is developing an "Intranet solution" that will be available for all size firms, but is best suited to small to medium sized firms. You won't have to design anything, although you will be able to adapt it to your requirements.

South Australia 1

It will be secure, extremely easy to use and it will be hosted by Foolkit. The basic version (which will suit most users) will be free. It will incorporate both your own information and the convenience of Foolkit.

Please register your interest in joining our Beta program by sending a message through the feedback form on this page or by emailing us at .