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Pro Bono Legal Advice

On this page

What is Pro Bono

The Wikipedia definition is"Pro bono publico (usually shortened to pro bono) is a phrase derived from Latin meaning "for the public good".

The term is generally used to describe professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment as a public service. It is common in the legal profession and is increasingly seen in marketing, technology, and strategy consulting firms.

Pro bono service, unlike traditional volunteerism, uses the specific skills of professionals to provide services to those who are unable to afford them."

A lot of it is very informal and given quietly by individual solicitors as and when they are able. As overheads of a legal practice are typically 70% of gross income, this involves not only giving up their own time and opportunity to make a living but also a contribution of these resources.

A cynics guide to Pro Bono

Victoria Pages catering for the general public.

Pro Bono Resources

The National Pro Bono Resource Centre is an independent organisation that supports and promotes pro bono legal services in Australia.

They publish the Pro Bono Manual for Lawyers, Legal Resources Guide and Social Justice Opportunities Career Guide.

Pro Bono and Profit Are Not at Odds - by the ABA.

How to Successfully Build Pro Bono Work Into Your Practice.

Community Involvement

Another way that lawyers can contribute their skills is by joining local community groups.

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Justice Connect

Justice Connect is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which is committed to furthering the public interest, improving access to justice and protecting human rights. Justice Connect does this by facilitating pro bono legal services to Victorian individuals and organisations in need, and by undertaking law reform, policy work and legal education.

Getting Involved

Justice Connect is actively seeking new members and volunteers to join the growing number of law firms, corporate legal departments, individual lawyers and barristers, law schools, students and other individuals who support Justice Connect both financially and through participation in their pro bono legal assistance schemes. 

Benefits of Pro bono work

Pro bono work has tangible benefits for law firms, including increased staff satisfaction and morale, assisting with staff retention. Pro bono legal work provides staff with a variety of legal work and the  satisfaction derived from using their legal expertise to help the community.

More Information

For more information about membership of Justice Connect visit their get involved page.

Bar Association

The Victorian Bar Pro Bono Scheme was established in order to assist people whose cases have merit or involve an important principle and which would not otherwise be heard due to a lack of funds to pursue the case.

Victoria 2 Pro Bono Legal Services voluntary legal work free

Not For Profits & Social Enterprises

Risk Management

A warning from the wise. Do not relax your professional standards, take shortcuts or fail to take all you usual risk management procedures just because you are acting pro bono.

You undertake the same level of professional risk as you do with paying clients.

Some clients are grateful for your generosity. Others are less appreciative. Any one of them can turn on you if they don't get what they want.

Victoria 3 Pro Bono Legal Services voluntary legal work free

Finding Pro Bono Services

National Pro Bono Resource Centre has a directory of Pro Bono services in each State.

Also, see Foolkit's Legal Aid page and Community Legal Assistance page for a list of services in this State.


Mentoring can be a very rewarding experience for both the student / young lawyer and the mentor. Even just a monthly chat or phone call can be very helpful.

If you would like to volunteer to mentor a young lawyer then contact LIV or Women Lawyers Association.

A number of the Universities also welcome mentors for their students, into work experience (there is no obligation for this) and into their careers.

The organisations for people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups highly value mentoring.