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Human Resources for Lawyers& Staff

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LIV has a summary of the industrial position for its members at Human Resources: Awards, wages, terms & conditions.

See also Foolkit's Employment Law page under the menu Practice Areas.

Victoria Pages catering for the general public.

From Junior Solicitor to Senior Partner

Whether you're starting your journey or charting a new career course, firsts can be frightening. These resources focus on new lawyers as well as solo- and small-firm challenges. Resources from the CBA PracticeLink pages.

Victoria 1 HR human resources and staff

Your Career

The dissatisfaction of so many lawyers with their careers dramatises the need to focus on a process which enables them, by seeking positions consistent with their personal values and professional goals, to achieve professional satisfaction.

The USA version of Findlaw has a collection of articles to help you understand the process and the steps you need to take to make a thoughtful transition in your career. And the July 2011 issue of Law Practice is dedicated to Time To Take A Leap.

Thinking of changing careers - a list of alternatives

The Complete Lawyer - Law Career Development

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Law Firm HR

Victoria 2 HR human resources and staff Victoria 3 HR human resources and staff


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All articles from Canadian Bar Association unless noted otherwise.



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