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Legal Aid Commission


158 Liverpool Street
Hobart Tas 7000

GPO Box 1422
Hobart Tas 7001

DX Address: DX 123

Telephone: (03) 6236 3800
Fax: (03) 6236 3811


64 Cameron Street
Launceston Tas 7250

PO Box 810
Launceston Tas 7250

DX 70126

Telephone: (03) 6336 2050
Fax: (03) 6336 2074


8 Griffith Street
Devonport Tas 7310

PO Box 87
Devonport Tas 7310

DX 70354

Telephone: (03) 6421 7870
Fax: (03) 6421 7871


50 Alexander Street
Burnie Tas 7320

PO Box 550
Burnie Tas 7320

DX 70209

Telephone: (03) 6434 6444
Fax: (03) 6434 6440

The Referral List is a collection of Tasmanian legal and non-legal organisations and support services.

Tasmania 1 community legal services justice legal aid counselling legal advice

Children's and Youth Legal Services


The Ombudsman provides free, impartial, informal and timely resolution of complaints to promote fairness, openness and good public administration. There are separate officers for matters concerning the State of Tasmania and for those relating to the Federal Government.

The Ombudsman can assist you with your complaint about the administrative actions of a government agency or authority, or local government council.

Industry Complaint Resolution Bodies

There are also bodies appointed to resolve disputes within particular Industries, Departments or particular areas of concern.

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Unfortunately Rural Law Online is no longer available.

The information on Federal legal issues applies in Tasmania, but information on their State laws may not apply in Tasmania and should not be relied upon without legal advice.

Relationships Australia - Tasmania

web site

Telephone: 1300 364 277 (cost of a local call)
Email: Head Office

Community Legal Services

Tasmanian Assocation of Community Legal Centres

Tasmania's community legal centres provide free legal information and advice.

Animal Welfare Community Legal Centre Inc 

830 Coast Rd,
Flinders Island

Phone: 03 6359 2339

Environmental Defenders Office (Tas) Inc

131 Macquarie Street,

Phone: 03 6223 2770

web site:

Environmental Law Handbook

Hobart Community Legal Service

166 Macquarie Street,

Phone: 03 6223 2500
Free call: 1800 232 500

web site:

Justice Support Worker Program

Assistance by the Migrant Resource Centre for people from a refugee background

Phone: 03 6221 0999
Fax: 03 6231 1264

web site:

Launceston Community Legal Centre

Suite 17 Level1
97A York Street

Phone: 03 6334 1577
TTY: 03 6334 1949
TTY Free call: 1800 066 019

North West Community Legal Centre Inc

62 Stewart Street, Devonport
Phone: 03 6424 8720

Tenants' Union of Tasmania Inc

166 Macquarie Street,

Phone: 03 6223 2641
Free call: 1300 652 641

Well Designed web site:

Women's Legal Service (Tas)

PO Box 707,
North Hobart 7002

Phone: 1800 682 468 (Tasmania)

web site:

Legal Aid's List of Legal Assistance Services

Tasmania 3 community legal services justice legal aid counselling legal advice

Check for Related Legal Issues

A major event can affect different aspects of a person’s life. The most immediate legal issue can sometimes overshadow other legal or social issues simmering beneath the surface. Early recognition of these issues will help a person take better control of their situation.

Fitzroy Legal Service produce Between a Rock and Hard Place - A workers manual to the legal system. This comprehensive guide takes a welfare perspective of the law and is an excellent starting point for workers in disability, youth, drug & alcohol and other community/welfare sectors who need to understand the legal system but don’t want to get bogged down by the law.

To locate a service in Tasmania use the Community Services Directory at the top of this page. Please use this tool as a suggestion only outside Victoria as the laws and court systems are very different between the States.

Tasmania 2 community legal services justice legal aid counselling legal advice