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Regulations & Rules

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Sources Of Regulations

Acts Page

Note to Public: We only list the frequently used Regulations. Use the Sources to find any others you need.
Where an Authorised Version of a Regulation is available, we have used this as the PDF link.

regulations legislation parliament state federal Western Australian Consolidated Regulations

Western Australia Pages catering for the general public.

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Regulation Finder (AustLII)


Section: Schedule:


Section: Schedule:

If Section and Schedule are blank, you will be taken to the AustLII Index. Update Status Page.  Help


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AustLII listing of all the Act sections

PDF of the Current Consolidated Version

RTF of the Current Consolidated Version

Link to the Act on legislation.vic.gov.au

Link to the Act on comlaw.gov.au

Link to Legislative History on austlii.edu.au

regulations legislation parliament state federal Commonwealth Regulations

The list above is for Acts that have been amended. If you do not find your Act there, then use New South Wales Regulations As Made.

Western Australia 3 regulations legislation parliament state federal

Please read and observe the Disclaimer and Copyright Notices of all Sites linked to.

Commonwealth Regulations M - Z

The above links are to the AustLII Table of Contents and to the relevant Comlaw Home Page. This is because of the length of the legislation and difficulty of being confident in all instances that a direct link will remain current.