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Business Law

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Tasmania Business law and commercial law Pages catering for the general public.


Federal Court

Federal Court Registry & Contacts

Edward Braddon Commonwealth Law Courts Building
39-41 Davey St
Hobart TAS 7000

Telephone: (03) 6232 1715
Fax: (03) 6232 1701

Judges, Fees & General

Commonwealth Courts Portal
Federal Law Search

General Act and Rules

Supreme Court

Supreme Court Registry & Contacts

Supreme Court of Tasmania
Salamanca Place  
Hobart Tasmania  7000  

DX: 18 Hobart

General Enquiries: (03) 6233 6385
Fax: (03) 6223 7816

email enquiries 

Judges' Chambers


6233 3427

Registrar's Secretary

6233 3427

Deputy Registrar

6233 3245

Assistant Deputy Registrar

6233 2485

Registry Supervisor

6233 3699

Transcribing Supervisor

6233 6048

General Acts and Rules


Loan Calculators (12)

How Much Can I Borrow? Calculator How Much Can I Borrow? Calculator
This calculator provides an estimate of the maximum you can borrow, taking into account your monthly income and expenditure and current interest rates. This calculator also builds in a buffer for interest rate rises.

Income and Expenditure Worksheet
Use the income and expenditure worksheet to calculate how much you can afford to borrow.

Basic Repayment Calculator
Enter the interest rate, the term of the loan and the amount you are borrowing to get the minimum monthly repayment and the amount of interest paid.

Fixed vs Variable Interest Rate Calculator
This simulator allows you to analyse the choice of a fixed or variable rate by modeling changes in the variable interest rate and comparing the amount repaid during the period and the outstanding loan balance at the end of the period.

Mortgage Broker Checklist If you're planning to use a mortgage broker to help you find the perfect home loan, there is some information you should find out from your broker before you start.

Loan Repayment Calculator - Work out what your minimum weekly, fortnightly or monthly loan repayments would be for any borrowed amount.

Extra Repayments Calculator - Find out how much you can save in interest and shorten your loan term by making additional repayments over and above your current monthly repayment.

Lump Sum Repayments Calculator - Find out how much you can save in interest and shorten your loan term by making a one-off lump sum repayment on top of your current monthly repayment.

Split Loan Calculator - Splitting your home loan into fixed and variable rate portions can provide insurance against future changes in interest rates that we can't predict. Use this tool to calculate your repayments and total interest under different fixed and variable rate scenarios.

Loan Comparison Calculator - Select any two home loans on the market for a direct cost comparison. Determine which is the cheapest in total fees and interest over the life of the loan.

Stamp Duty Calculator - Work out how much stamp duty will be payable on the purchase of your new home.

Principal & Interest Calculator - Work out what portion of each monthly repayment is principal and what portion is interest.

Costs of Buying (2)

Lenders Mortgage Insurance Estimator
In nearly all cases, if you borrow more than 80 per cent of what the lender considers to be the value of the property they will ask you to pay their mortgage insurance. This handy estimator determines how much this is likely to cost you.

Home Cost Estimator
This calculator allows you to estimate the total cost of purchasing a property including all those nasty hidden costs.

Buy or Rent or Invest (4)

Rent vs Buy
This tool allows you to compare your estimated financial position after seven years of renting with your estimated financial position after seven years of home loan repayments.

Buy Then Sell or Sell Then Buy
This estimator provides an indication of the costs you will face depending on the order in which you sell your old home and buy your new one.

Relocation Timeline
This calculator takes your specific moving details and produces a customized timeline. This can then be printed out in the form of a checklist to tick off tasks as they are completed.

Can I Afford An Investment Property?
This tool provides an estimate of how much an investment property will cost. It combines the cash operating revenue and the cash operating expenses with the change in the amount of income tax paid to measure the net change in the investors income due to the investment property.

Banking (12)

Search & Compare Savings Accounts and Term Deposits
Small Business Loans
Small Business Calculator
Compare credit cards - The small business calculator that lets you enter set-up costs and running costs to establish a comprehensive business financial summary.
Debentures comparison page
Compare Homeloans
Transaction Accounts
Personal Loans
Small Business Loans
Business At Call Accounts
Business Credit Cards
Business Term Deposits

Investment (3)

Margin Lending Calculator - Gearing Simulator
Margin Lending Calculator - Stock Lookup
Find and compare brokers

Planners (3)

Savings Calculator

Budget Planner - Try our Budget Planner. Enter your annual income and expenses to assess your financial position.

Statement of financial position. Check your financial position and overall financial capacity.

Retirement / Superannuation (6)

Retirement planner
Could your super and the age pension be enough to give you the income you would like to have when you retire? Ask the FIDO retirement planner to crunch the numbers and show you.

Account-based pension calculatorAccount-based pension calculator
An account-based pension or annuity is one of the products you can buy with your super when you retire. Account based pensions are also known as allocated pensions.

Superannuation calculator
Works out how much super you'll have when you retire and how fees affect your final payout.

Reverse mortgage calculator Reverse mortgage calculator
See how your reverse mortgage debt builds up and may affect how much of your home you still own as time goes by.

Centrelink Rate Estimator

Super vs mortgage calculator

Federal - Tax, Help and Others (16)


Income tax
Individual income tax rates - Shows the percentage of tax payable for each income bracket, for individual Australian taxpayers, for the financial year 2009-10 and 2010-11.
Individual income tax rates for prior years - Shows the percentage of tax payable for each income bracket, for individual Australian taxpayers, for prior financial years.
PAYG withholding
Students and graduates


Income tax
PAYG withholding
Students and graduates
Work related expenses
Other calculators
Other tools

Insurance Guides (5)

Car Insurance Guide (MoneySmart)
Health Insurance Guide (MoneySmart)
Home & Contents Insurance Guide (MoneySmart)
Life Insurance Guide (MoneySmart)
Travel Insurance Guide (MoneySmart)

Tasmania 1 business law and commercial law australian consumer law export

Not For Profits & Social Enterprises

Law Society of Tasmania

28 Murray Street
Hobart Tas 7000

GPO Box 1133
Hobart Tas 7001

DX 111 Hobart


Tasmanian Bar

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Business Act Finder (AustLII)

Section: Schedule:

Business Regulation Finder (AustLII)

Section: Schedule:

If Section and Schedule are blank, you will be taken to the AustLII Index. Update Status Page.  Help

ASX Listing Rules by Number
ASX Operating Rules


Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

3rd Floor, AMP Building
86 Collins Street
(Cnr Elizabeth & Collins Streets)
Hobart Tas 7000

GPO Box 1210
Hobart Tas 7001

Telephone: (03) 6215 9333
Fax: (03) 6234 7796

Tasmania 2 business law and commercial law australian consumer law export

Australian Consumer Law

The consolidated Trade Practices Act above already incorporates the Unfair Contract Terms Law .

The above website has the latest information on the legislation. For clients, you may also be interested in their resources for business and for consumers. This includes training modules.

A Guide to the Unfair Contract Terms Law It is anticipated that something similar will be published for the ACL.

Guidelines for developing a voluntary industry code of conduct assist industry members to improve business practices and compliance with their legal obligations.

Corporations Law - ASIC

Australian Securities & Investment Commission

Service Centre
Level 2, Telstra Centre
70 Collins Street
Hobart Tas 7000

PO Box 4000
Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

Telephone: 1300 300 630
Fax (03) 5177 3999

Hours 9am - 5pm

Tas Enforcement & Policy Office
Level 2, Telstra Centre
70 Collins Street
Hobart Tas 7000

GPO Box 9827
Hobart Tas 7001

DX 195 Hobart

Telephone: (03) 6235 6800
Fax: (03) 6235 6811

Hours 8.30am - 5pm


Forms are available from the ASIC site here

This includes Smart Forms - PDF versions that you can complete on your computer

Class Orders

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)

Sydney Office
Exchange Centre,
20 Bridge Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 131 ASX (131 279)
Fax (Excluding company announcements):
(02) 9227 0885

ASX Listing Rules by Number
ASX Operating Rules


Industry Complaint Resolution Bodies

There are also bodies appointed to resolve disputes within particular Industries, Departments or particular areas of concern.

Industry Complaint Resolution Bodies

National Law Societies

National Law Societies
Special Interest Legal Groups
Law Reform


Tasmania 3 business law and commercial law australian consumer law export

Business Licences & Safety

The Australian Business Licence and Information Service (BLIS) provides details of all licences you may require to operate your business in Australia, including Commonwealth, State/Territory and Local Government requirements.