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Marketing & PR

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"Marketing is so basic, it cannot be considered a separate function of the business. It is the whole business, seen from the point of view of its final result - that is, from the customer's point of view."

Peter F. Drucker, The Practice of Management

General Sources

Much has been written on Law Firm Marketing. These are general sources that will lead you deeper into the topic online but also point you towards recommended text books.

Tasmania Pages catering for the general public.

Small Firm Marketing Guide

A guide to marketing a smaller law practice published by the Canadian Bar Association. Very concise introduction to the topic. Deals with preparing a Marketing Plan, Keeping it Simple and Implementation.

The American Bar Association also has a collection of best practice strategies and advice.

Tasmania 2 Marketing promotions and PR

Client Services

Keeping clients and serving them professionally is a full-time activity. It is also one of the essential cornerstones of legal practice marketing.

The Client Services area of The Canadian Bar Association Practice Link has an excellent collection of resources that are freely available. It includes articles, podcasts and handbooks that can be downloaded. (Not all links available to non-members).

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Legal Marketing Blog


A Blog dedicated to individual lawyer marketing for any size firm, by Tom Kane.

He quotes an article by Bruce Marcus in RainToday:

  1. Service the right market;
  2. Target your business development efforts;
  3. Look at your infrastructure;
  4. Modernize your firm;
  5. Don't market on the cheap; and
  6. Don't wait - do it now.

"It's true that when times are tough, it's easier to cut costs - including marketing costs - and to hunker down until it's over. But that's like drilling a hole in the bottom of a flooded boat to let the water out. For a professional firm in an economic crisis, there's no place to hide, so learn to fight back."

Tasmania 2 Marketing promotions and PR

The Law Marketing Portal


A Portal by Larry Bodine. This site includes:

  • Excellent articles by a range of contributors
  • Resources (including firm and individual marketing plans)
  • News
  • Listserv with a collection of the best topics
  • Use of Technology in Marketing

Marketing Tools

Google Alerts will watch the internet each day for the key words that you set. You can choose to get a report daily.

If you enter details of a client or of topics that they are interested in then you may find something of interest to pass on to the client. It also helps you to stay abreast of trends in their field.

When a journalist calls, be ready

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